Why choose me as your Entertainment DJ? Simply, because I care. I take pride in everything I do. I am a perfectionist. It is my business, my name, and my reputation. Most importantly, I want you to be happy. When your event concludes, I want you and your guest to say, "Job well done DJ". Yes, I spend countless hours custom tailoring a set that will enhance your special event. I get involved. I ask the questions that you may overlook while you give attention to other areas during planning. In essence, we work as a team to bring your vision to life.


I have a very diverse background that compliment my unique skills used in performing and entertaining. I started singing, playing instruments, and Dee-Jaying, as a child, on traditional turntables, which have evolved with modern technology. I have a variety of musical talents (singer/songwriter, keyboards, drums, etc.) and come from a musical family. I have a full service recording studio in house and at my disposal. I have an engineering background in military communications and private sector Fiber Optic Transport, Network Engineering, and Software Development. Why is this important? My experience with electronics far exceeds a curiosity and hobby. I have over 25 years of practical and educational experience with technology, electronics, and music.

Personally, I am a devoted family man, with a beautiful loving wife and great kids. I am respected in my community and serve in ministry at my church in the choir and band. I believe in serving people and use my resources, talents, and skills to bless others.

Customized Entertainment for that Special Day!

WHy Choose me?